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    [ANN] About Sujulove

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    suju wifey!

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    [ANN] About Sujulove Empty [ANN] About Sujulove

    Post by Yung Hee 영희 on Wed Jul 15, 2009 4:47 pm


    It's your admin, Yu!
    I should've post in this before everything. Silly me!

    Sujulove is the first fanbase in Negara Brunei Darussalam. Sadly, it's NOT official. I'm sorry if this disappoint you in any way but this is the fact. Hopfully by the growth in members and activeness, one day we will be Official *grins*. (We're going to it thou^^)

    Second thing is I'm going to explain the forum section names.

    Before I move to that, I want to explain why I use "Forest" concept. You should already know that the main supporters of Super Junior is E.L.F (EverLastingFriend). So they said, legend has it that "ELF" was the protector of the forest. the Elf will do whatever it can to protect the forest. Now reflect this concept to your eyes. You call yourself as the Elves and we are supporting our heart out to Super Junior.

    On the first group of forums is the "Heart of the forest" which is the place where the staffs mingle. Why I called it the Heart is because without these people, the forum will be in chaos. So special thanks to Fifi(donghaeeeee!!) because she had made this forum alongside Myzah. *applause* This section will help in your lost.

    The second group section is "the forest" itself. The Section where we really2 love. The Super Junior section! Here, you can find the news, pictures, links and even the discussion thread for them!!

    The third group section is the "Elfs of the forest". Our place to mingle. This section is the place where we can voice out our says our life and our talent.

    Next is the "Friends of the forest". Why I call it is because this section speaks about other artists.

    Lastly is the "ForestAmusement". Here is the free section. You can play quizzes and games here.

    If you have any questions on the sections, you may post in here.
    This name may be permanent and may not be depending on the time and discussions. By then, please bear with it.

    Thank you^^

    [ANN] About Sujulove 2sb3jo3

    Such tale ends in happily ever after, where the "Prince" awaits for the "Cinderella".

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