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    I learned a lot from here so it's time to pay back.


    I learned a lot from here so it's time to pay back. Empty I learned a lot from here so it's time to pay back.

    Post by remiReot on Wed Aug 03, 2011 4:28 pm

    Hello.Advice on Dvd Shrink and AnyDVD? [page 3/3] - 9mmruger1, Thanks for your reply/info. On average I have about 37 processes running according to my task manager. I guess I need to visit and update my ram in general. I actually have two drives, a dvd combo and a dvd burner, most often though I don't put the blank disc into the burner until prompted. I assume that both are still running however. Is that relevant to my problems with Madagascar, you think?2oldgeek, Congrats on being pushed up to member... I am running AnyDVD... I tried turning off all the programs in my taskbar as you suggested, security ect.,. No luck, still get out of memory error at 74% encoding completed exactly as before. I've checked to make sure I have the current versions of my programs. DVD Shrink, DVD Decrypter with AnyDVD running in background. And so if my system hd and ram are not the problem, then probably I just need to add Imgburn? Though I do need to add more ram in general, I don't think it's the sole culprit. I have the entire dvd copied to my hd in two different formats as we speak. DVD Shrink just cannot shrink it to fit a 4.7gb disc. The movie Iso. file is 7,822,272kb, I can get only to 1,691,462kb there of with DVD Shrink before the error pops up. Most movies are about half that size, I think.I just hope that Madagascar is the only movie I have this problem with. Just DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter was all I needed before... Should I get Imgburn as well? If so where? Thank you so much for your patients as well as your clear instructions, as sometimes understanding instructions can be far more difficult than figuring it out on ones on... ThanksWhat media discs do you guys prefer? I was reading some other threads that totally diss Memorex. Can using this brand damage my drives or are there just too many duds? My burner supports dual layer burning but the discs are outrageously expensive here, I'd do better to buy a second copy of the movie.

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