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    Yung Hee 영희
    Yung Hee 영희
    suju wifey!
    suju wifey!

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    Events Rules Empty Events Rules

    Post by Yung Hee 영희 on Wed Jul 01, 2009 4:56 am

    Rules for Events:

    1) Forum rules apply here.

    2) Absolute NO SPAMMING here. If you were to agree with the suggestion, and you only wanted to put "I agree" better just PM the suggester unless you have lots to say =)

    3) Label your topics! e.g:

    [SUGG] For any Suggestions on projects or activities.
    [PROJECT] For any project.
    [ANN] Announcement *only required after agreement by the staffs/Admins.
    [FEEDBACK] Feedbacks on any finished project/activities.

    That's all^^ hope you will give ideas for the forum to have more activities =)

    Events Rules 2sb3jo3

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